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Nissan GTR: Adam Crispin

Car: 600bhp R35 GTR Owner: Adam Crispin Hometown: Kent

Lower than a snake's tits!

There’s something almost sacrilegious about slamming an R35 GTR on its arse on air. And we love it!

Adam Crispin’s 660bhp, stage 4.25 Nissan icon tucks its Rays wheels like a magician stuffs hankies; a modifying magic trick that sees the carbon side skirts kiss the tarmac at the touch of an Airlift button.

"Like a freshly forged Samurai sword!"

Also getting intimate with the black top is a Liberty Walk diffuser and not far above that is a big-dollar, small-weight 4-inch titanium exhaust system to announce all that lovely power.

Carbon, of course, for the bonnet and boot; both suitably vented, sculpted and spoilered. This GTR is clean, sharp and deadly, like a freshly forged Samurai sword. The red bodywork is clearly the colour of blood (Dan, have you been up late watching movies again! - Millsy).

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