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Lexus IS220d: Callumn Evans

Car: Lexus IS220d Owner: Callumn Evans Hometown: Cardiff

Lexus IS220d with tons of Jap mods and engine tuning!
Max Jap Attack!

Callumn Evans' Lexus IS220d is about as all business as Lord Alan Sugar in his best pinstripe suit after he's just fired some Apprentice schmuck. We're talking serious style and no messing.

Wrapped around the gorgeous Rotiform LAS-R 18s is a kingdom of custom carbon: Side skirts, front splitter, front grille surround, duck tail spoiler and roof tip spoiler.

Plus the Seibon rear diffuser. This wide-body IS is dripping in the black gold. If Batman drove a Lexus he'd be pulling Bat chicks in this.

"Welded up diff for the win!"

It's behind the LSF Style front grille that the tuning gets track-ready. Remapped with a custom, straight through exhaust and custom air intake, the bad boy IS is already nicely boosted, and there's a hybrid turbo and big, front-mount intercooler going in soon. The diff is welded up for the win.

BC coilovers, EBC braking and Nankang NS2-R semi-slicks eat apexes for breakfast. Surely the baddest Max IS220d we've seen.

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