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Chrysler 300C: Paul Parker

Car: Sinister Chrysler 300C Owner: Paul Parker Hometown: Hampshire

Modified white Chrysler 300C on air and wire wheels
Spooky? Downright terrifying!

The Chrysler 300C has long been the gangster's ride of choice, but Paul Parker's added a touch of the pimpin' to his slammed C for a delicious white-on-chrome, VIP twist.

The Brabus body kit and modified bonnet add extra phat 'n' wide to the already stacked out Yank tank, with the one-off spider's web front grille and lambo doors keepin' it individual and super fly respectively.

"Deeper than Millsy's grot addiction!"

Tucking the gorgeous 22-inch wire wheels into the arches deeper than Millsy's grot addiction is AirRide suspension, while a liberal sprinkling of LED neons light this baby up like the 4th of July.

Paul hauls extra ass with 340bhp on tap - enough to make sure those twin rear spoilers kick up some sweet vortexes. This is one sweet C.

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4 comentarios

09 ene 2020

You should defo bring her out mate. People are loving the old skool stuff at the moment :)

Me gusta

Paul Parker
Paul Parker
08 ene 2020

going a bit more crazy with nail products on beauty for this season before i retire for good she is not everybody cup of tea but everything had been done i like differnt come and say hello at the shows

may bring pearl out for one last ride as she been sat in garage 15 years

Me gusta

06 ene 2020

Pretty sweet huh, Dave. Cool cars as standard, but this is far from standard :)

Me gusta

Yes!!! A fellow Chrysler owner/driver I love it

Me gusta
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