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Chrysler 300C: Paul Parker

Car: Sinister Chrysler 300C Owner: Paul Parker Hometown: Hampshire

Modified white Chrysler 300C on air and wire wheels
Spooky? Downright terrifying!

The Chrysler 300C has long been the gangster's ride of choice, but Paul Parker's added a touch of the pimpin' to his slammed C for a delicious white-on-chrome, VIP twist.

The Brabus body kit and modified bonnet add extra phat 'n' wide to the already stacked out Yank tank, with the one-off spider's web front grille and lambo doors keepin' it individual and super fly respectively.

"Deeper than Millsy's grot addiction!"

Tucking the gorgeous 22-inch wire wheels into the arches deeper than Millsy's grot addiction is AirRide suspension, while a liberal sprinkling of LED neons light this baby up like the 4th of July.

Paul hauls extra ass with 340bhp on tap - enough to make sure those twin rear spoilers kick up some sweet vortexes. This is one sweet C.

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