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Mazda MX-5: Joe McDonald

Car: Mazda MX-5 Owner: Joe McDonald Hometown: Chippenham

The aliens have landed! Their spaceship is awesome!

Take a Mazda MX-5, toughen it right up, and you’ve got one sweet Max motor. Step up Joe’s feisty Five.

Ground up and it’s definitely all good: XXR alloys are deeply dished and dangerously dark, the J-Style body kit is pure Jap vicious goodness, and the monster Japspeed carbon fibre BGW spoiler simply dwarfs the duck tail below. Got aero?!

"Tougher than a sumo wrestler about to charge!"

A Malian exhaust, HSD coilovers and MK1 import front strut brace are all MX-5 must-haves and Joe’s not missed them off the modding list, building a car that sits tougher than a sumo wrestler about to charge.

And the paint? Well, it's about awesome as it comes and lights up like a laser show when photographed right. It's called Ultra Rainbow Flash Dark Grey. It clearly does exactly what it says on the tin! The streets of Chippenham are alive with this Maxed Five.

Shout out to Joe's sponsors, Bristol Detailing Supplies and One Up Lighting, and his car club, Cruisers Republic.

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