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BMW 1 Series: Kenzie McKenna

Car: BMW 1 Series Owner: Kenzie McKenna Hometown: Portsmouth

Modified black BMW 1 Series
This Beemer wants to punch you in the face!

Some Max cars are just looking for trouble, and this blacked-out BM 120d looks like a cocaine-fuelled MMA street fight!

Endless aggression comes courtesy of the M4 bonnet, 1M front bumper and tarmac-sniffing front splitter. Errythang in black, of course, including the iconic kidney grille.

"Blacker than Darth Vader's gimp suit!"

Stance+ supplied the coilovers, with 12mm spacers pumping the 18-inch 3 Series OEMers into the arches. Colour? Blacker than Darth Vader's gimp suit! (Dan, do you mean your mum's gimp suit?! - Millsy).

The Sith Lord would be pretty happy with power upgrades, too. The Wagner Tuning 335d intercooler, Pipercross air filter and hybrid turbo get the grunt up to a useful 221bhp and 442Nm of torque, with the help of a Stage 1 remap.

Kenzie's car will play you a sweet tune while it's tearing you a new one, with twin Edge subs packing 1800 watts. Now that's what we call service!

More Maxing plans are afoot for this dark destroyer, so keep 'em peeled for more power and style.

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Thank for posting a sick review on my ride


Jan 08, 2020

Followed :) Cheers for letting us feature your cool car mate. Looks badass!


come over to the car club Modified Outlaws©️ to keep upto date and my bmw has it's own Instagram E87_LAD please go following as will be posting more as I go along

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