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Honda Civic: Lawrence Rose

Car: Honda Civic Owner: Lawrence Rose Hometown: Portsmouth

Can't stop looking at that bloke's cardigan!

This Civic EJ is gnarly by nature. Just look at the Vibe-powered boot install – it’s a high-wattage zombie apocalypse! The custom Lambo door audio builds are also scary, in a good way. This car is built to stop the show; dressed to impress in Specialist Paints Candy Blue.

There’s carbon literally everywhere, drenched over 18-inch chrome rims, imported American front and rear bumpers, and custom lights all round. All show, no go? Think again.

"This car is built to stop the show"

The under-bonnet tech spec reads like a scene from the Fast & Furious. The transplanted D16Z6 engine gets the works from Wiseco Pistons, Maxspeed rods and ARP bolts, all pushed extra hard by a T4 turbocharger. A Walbro fuel pumps sends it to the Skunk2 throttle body and Denso injectors. The horsepower list is long and deliciously destructive to tyres.

This is one seriously modded Civic.

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