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Fiesta ST: Aaron Raisey

Car: 250bhp Fiesta ST Owner: Aaron Raisey Hometown: Kingsteigton

What happens if I pull that red thingy?!

Aaron’s quest for power is strong. And that’s good! His Fiesta ST3 is already punching a very useful 250bhp but plans and shopping are afoot with 350bhp the tasty target.

Current power mods include a Cobra 3-inch exhaust system with a Voodoo decat, Airtec intercooler, air intake and turbo elbow, plus a Forge Motorsport recirc valve and actuator. We bet this thing sounds suitably angry on boost! We love the aggressive-looking CM Composites headlight cold air intake, too.

"This thing sounds suitably angry on boost!"

Go, stop and stick are taken care of by coilovers, strut braces and poly bushes, while a combination of Kruise Sport front grille, CM Composites front splitter and Maxton Design rear spoiler lip add extra tough to the already rowdy Ford.

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