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Chevy Astro: Tommie Pittaway

Van: Sub-stacked Chevy Astro Owner: Tommie Pittaway Hometown: Christchurch

Modified Chevy Astro van
Shit gets real with the A-Team's new van!

The mighty Chevy Astro is a serial killer’s favourite over in the States; perfect for hauling a whole night’s worth of chopped up students. But, in the UK, more specifically Christchurch in Dorset, Maxer Tommie Pittaway has put his big V6 to even better use.

Packed with more subs than Subway, Tommie beats fresh (geddit?!) with a whopping 17 subwoofers pounding out his fav tunes. Which in my case would be Mariah Carey at one-million watts!

"Like a fat bloke wearing Air Max!"

The 4.3-litre gas-guzzling motor upfront is up to weightlifting this super serious ICE install, but the rear shocks weren’t and had to be upgraded. Like a fat bloke wearing Air Max!

Tommie’s owned this Max mega rig for four years and has done a ton of homework in that time. Custom install as you can see, with 4 x 12-inch and 13 x 10-inch subs, four amps give the grunt and stack of mids and tweets complement all that big bass.

Among the long list of ICE mods, two favs for us jump right out: cop lights and sirens up front and a disco ball out back. This party goes on tour…via plenty of petrol pumps. It only gets 12mpg. Gulp!

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