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Staff Cars: Millsy's M3 - Fresh Rear

It's always a good idea to have a nice clean rear

Weird things can happen to cars sometimes. A few weeks back I took the M3 for a quick spin around the block to check it was still working due to lockdown lack of use and when I got home one of the sections of rear light (the bit on the bootlid) was missing. I have no idea how that happened? I mean, I don't remember reversing into any big-nosed dwarves.

Presumably that replacement section would be readily available from any breakers yard for not a lot of money, but I did what all good Maxers do; saw the opportunity for a more costly upgrade!

James at Barrett Motorwerks sourced these Eagle Vision items that use LEDs like the facelifted M3s do, and with a relay unit included in the kit it was a pretty simply plug and play job.

There's not too much tricky stuff when it comes to fitting, although getting to the back of the lights in the bootlid proved a bit of a mission. But that's what YouTube's for right? The additional wires also make cramming everything back inside the cluster's casing a nightmare, and while I'm sure it's possible I've abandoned trying as they'll be pulled out again soon for the respray.

Coupled with the new plates (it kinda says MAXERS right?) the backside's beginning to look fresher than a recently waxed beaver. Even the missus said it looked 'alright' and she hates cars!

While I was going to have the tools out anyway, I also ordered a carbon CSL-style diffuser for the rear. I'm not sure why I felt the need for the full carbon version rather than the one that just has carbon on the extruding bit around the exhausts though - I'm likely to paint over most of it and in truth, it's not noticeably lighter than the bit I whipped off!

Again, it was a straightforward fit; all the holes in the part matched to the original so it was just a case of removing self-tappers, squeezing the new part in place and bolting it back up.

So with the back end all looking nice and tidy I now have a new problem. Dan and his new car! We've reignited an old feud in a battle of our motors and his K24 EP3 Civic Type R is pretty nippy. He's also getting a lot of support from Honda fans, so I need to start upping the modifying game and hope the European car fans will get behind the Beemer!

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