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Staff Cars: Dan's K24 Civic - Painted!

This is my third blue Max project car. I like blue!

Modified Honda Civic Type R EP3 in custom blue paint with K24 engine
EP3s just got cool again! ;)

Ta da!! My freshly painted K24 Civic Type R! Yes, it's blue. Not brown! Painting it brown to complete the famous Max Power moto - pink or brown?! - and match Millsy's pink BM would've been the automotive gag of the century. But, who wants a brown car? My nan does, but she's a senile old pee bag!

My two previous blue babes - the legendary Do-Luck R32 GTS-t and the wide 'n' lairy Chargespeed S14. Nice.

Blue is great. Lemme break it down for you:

1. Blue movies - obvs!

2. Blue cheese - mmm, stinky!

3. Blue (the boy band) - Millsy likes Lee!

So much great blue out there, and with this sexy blue paint job - based on BMW Marino Blue, but with a custom purple twist - my sweet Civic brings a brand new blue hue to our wonderful MAXERS world. You're welcome :)

Modified custom painted blue Honda Civic Type R EP3 K24
Talk about transformation! Like when Millsy had his first tit job!

So, from a rusty black car, we got a new silver shell, undersealed it and then painted it this bitchin' blue. It's been a long and expensive road from finding that first chunk of rust on the black car.

My heartfelt thanks, love and appreciation goes to Kwok at Kode Performance. He took a tatty-here-and-there silver shell, painted it inside and out with this stunning custom colour and finished it with the kind of shine you could shave your balls in! I love it. And, of course, the man with the paint-colour-plan, Saj at Custom Paints. With his experience and guidance we created the custom colour you see here, exclusive to me. Top work, chaps.

A fresh paint job wouldn't be complete without some nifty aftermarket products and a few custom touches. The Civic wears an Air Walker front lip from Fiber Worx and a Mugen-style grille from Knight Racer. Kwok also welded up the roof aerial hole for a smooth look, and designed and commissioned the custom Type R side skirt decals. The R is pink with a brown outline. We had to get pink or brown on the car somewhere!

To say I'm stoked with the outcome would be the understatement of the year, next to Millsy's annual six minutes of love-making. Here's my happy face in the big video reveal:

The mighty K24 Civic is now back at R2 Automotive for the rebuild to begin and she'll soon be back on the road. Thank feck for that!!

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