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Staff Cars: Pink or Brown?! Dan's K24 Civic - Off For Paint!

The misery of rust makes way for the joy of paint :)

Modified Honda Civic Type R EP3
Millsy's M3 just went pink... so that only leaves me with one option!

In these distinctly crappy Covid times, little pleasures - like Millsy's willy - can be difficult to find. But, ask any Maxer where their happy place is and high chances are it'll be in a bodyshop, gathered around their modded motor talking sweet new paint shades.

And so it goes for the mighty K24 Civic Type R; once a rust bucket, soon a freshly painted rocket. I've gone from sad to stoked in the flash of a paint gun! Although, there could be a wee problem. Or more like a poo problem! I'll let the video explain...

Yep, with Millsy's wobbly old M3 already painted pink, I'm only really left with one option from the famous Max Power magazine cruise question. Brown. Poo brown. Well, at least the paint will be cheap. And peanutty!

Anyway, poop aside, the mighty K24 Civic has left the loving embrace of R2 Automotive and is now being stripped, prepped, primed, and soon painted in a kickass one-off Custom Paints colour by the painting pros at Kode Performance.

Do I have the balls to paint it brown and pull off the modifying gag of the century? All will be revealed in January. Until then, Merry Christmas, chums! xXx

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