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Staff Cars: Dan's K24 Civic - Swiss Cheese!

If you like holes in your cheese - and your cars - step this way!

Modified Black Honda Civic Type R with K24 engine
More holes than Millsy's mum's knickers!

Life's a bitch... then you buy a rusty Japanese car :(

Yep, the mighty K24 Civic is a wee bit rusty, so it's on to Plan B. The video below explains it all quite well, once Millsy has stopped laughing!!

Fun 'n' games! So, yeah, R2 Automotive will be my second home for a while - good thing they're a sound bunch of chaps with some awesome modded Hondas laying around that they might even let me drive :)

I'll be seeing the R2 boys for their BBQ and cars open day at the weekend to talk next mods, mainly by drooling over tasty billet tuning parts from America! There goes all my cash! Oh well, no presents for the kids this Xmas!!

Full update soon. Think lighter, faster, more focused... and less rusty! And not pink.

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