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Southend Throwback Cruise

MAXERS heads to the Motherland of cruising. Right in our backyard...

Modified white VW Scirocco on air ride
Someone needs to grab the hoover!

Us MAXERS boys are always keen for a cruise, so when the Southend Throwback Cruise cropped up in our Essex backyard we were down there like a shot, fond memories of modified motors going mental back in the day quickening our steps.

A row of modified cars in Southend, Essex
Millsy with all his mates!

Arriving before sunset - keen or what?! - and there were already a few Max motors parked up - with a tidy white Scooby leading the way - and plenty more soon started to turn up to the gig in aid of the air ambulance.

Modified grey Ford Sierra Cosworth
Millsy had a Cossie once. It wasn't as nice as this one!

The power of the Blue Oval is strong in Essex and there was a tasty handful of turbo Fords on show. This Cossie in its rare factory grey paint, plus a super-clean RS Turbo, and a sleeper (albeit bright green!) MK1 Focus with a wad of turbo grunt under the hood. A great start.

Modified Ford Focus MK1 turbo
This 'Kermit' would destroy Miss Piggy!
White Ford Escort RS Turbo
Worth more than Millsy's council house!

As the sky darkened more and more modded motors arrived, cruising up and down the seafront road, exhausts crackling and popping. Just like the old days. Luvly jubbly!

Modified cars in Southend, Essex
A queue quickly formed, keen to see Millsy's wallet for the first time ever!

Things got pretty chocha pretty quick with cars cruising the strip or parking up and playing tunes. Groups of Maxers called for 'burnouts' from any driver that stopped in front of them. A couple obliged, but with coppers on the prowl, hoonery was mostly kept on the down low.

Of course, cruising is all about noise and action, so while you're here you should definitely check out our MAXERS video of all the good stuff.

On with the pics...

Modified grey Mitsubishi EVO 7
Kidnapping in progress!

It's been a while since we've enjoyed some cruise action on a big scale in Southend and it was great to be part of this throwback event. If this many people turn up on a nippy night in March, when summer comes it's surely gonna kick off in style. How awesome would that be?!

MK1 Ford Escort Mexico
Not the 'escort' Millsy was looking for

Plenty more pics in the gallery below :)

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