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Flame Spitting Scoobies Hit Southend

The Essex Scooby Crew kicked off 2020 with a trip to the seaside!

There might not be many things as obnoxiously antisocial as a gaggle of Imprezas firing up their boxer engines and ripping through the night. And that's why we love 'em!

Heading back from a shoot in Bedford we knew the Essex Scooby Crew were planning a little run from Basildon down to Southend and figured, if we could catch the starting point, then it would be rude not to tag along.

With Millsy's Forester S/tb in a bit of a sorry state, it was all aboard the new MAXERS mobile Golf estate and she didn't let us down... although you can quickly find yourself feeling massively underpowered when ever shape of Impreza and a few tasty Foresters are awaiting you in the car park. But you know, were they getting 50+mpg?!

The undercover cop car was a bit confusing

Some grade 'A' loitering around in a car park and then the convoy hit the A127, getting scuppered by average speed cameras but making sure there was space for a few quick blats to get the flames popping.

Full charge ahead!

Talk about an eclectic mix too; there were stroked ones, carbon-bodied ones, neon'd ones and ones with a whole lot of doors and just as much attitude... oh, and a cheeky Mk1 Escort. Sweet!

Getting ahead of the convoy, we nabbed a prime position outside Southend's seafront amusements, and then a strange wave of nostalgia hit us. It felt good to hear and see some properly modified cars patrolling the legendary seafront again, but it's sad how cruising has been so clamped down on that it's a rare sight.

In fact, after the convoy woke up the locals with their drive-by they didn't hang around, hot-footing it to a rendezvous point away from the seafront rather than parking up and risking all sorts of bullsh!t Anti Social Behaviour shenanigans from the police. The guy we saw getting kicked out of the pub and threatened with a kicking - that's fine though.

Car shows are great, car meets are great but you just can't beat a bit of arsing about in cars at night and this was a great taster. We'll be searching out more, but in the meantime check out the video below.

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