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Cruising is Not a Crime

What's so bad about a bunch of modified car fans meeting up at night? With the odd burnout...or some bird whipping her norks out?

From north to south, east to west, one thing that defined the Max Power era was the cruises. We went to big ones, small ones, legal ones, naughty ones, ones by the seaside, ones in multi-storeys, ones we took ages to find and the odd one that had been shut down before we even arrived.

And while anyone who has been into, or is into, cruising may have their favourite thing about them, for us the best thing was always meeting the people who actually read the magazine (What about the birds? I liked them! - Dan).

Various laws may have made cruising more tricky over the years, but thankfully it still goes on to some degree. So if you have one you want us to come and cover then let us know (and we'll bring 'the questions' just in case).

Dan here. All this cruise chat is bringing back memories. Here's one for you:

I remember fondly (or should that be fondling?!) turning up the Thurrock cruise in my R32 GTS-t – modded to the max on 19-inch Volk Racing TE37s, full Do-Luck kit and Shimmering Violet Pearl House of Kolor paint – with Jamie Shaw from Carisma as my Max wing man.

The car park was heaving and Jamie said, “can I do some donuts?”. Now I’m not one to deny a Maxing legend his smoky wish, so we swapped seats and he nailed the gas. The RK Tuning-built 2.2-litre, T34 roller bearing turbo-powered RB sang its boosty tune and the Toyo Proxes lit up like a smouldering Christmas tree.

The crowd loved it, and for that moment we were the cruise dons. Skyline then parked pride of place – after a quick rev-limiter exhaust sound-off with a Cossie, which I won, of course! – before strolling round the cruise, chatting to the guys and girls about their cool cars and plans to fast-lap the M25 later. Ten Cossies with big-bore back boxes flaming and popping their way through the motorway night is another sight I will never forget. Less cops and cameras then! Great times.

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