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We Need You

In 1993 Max Power magazine launched and showed the world how to properly arse about in cars... you loved it, we loved it, they closed it. With your help, we're bringing that spirit back.

MAXERS isn't here to dictate, it's here to reflect. Reflect on the past - by hunting down the Max'd motors and people that played such a big part in creating the awesome culture - and also reflect what you guys are doing now. But if you really need a definitive guide to what MAXERS is about, try this on for size:

It's not about whether you've built your car from the ground-up in your garage or fitted a few choice parts to your new motor... if you love arsing about with cars, believe modified is always best and don't particularly like being told what to do, then we've got your backs.

Why Not Just Call It Max Power?

Like many of you we love Max Power and trying to bring the name back was a first port of call. But we're doing this out of passion and couldn't afford to buy it... we just didn't have the spare £100k no matter how many times we checked under the sofa cushions. Knew we shouldn't have spent all that money on fags, booze and strippers!

What Next?

First off Millsy and Dan need to figure out how to use a camera, edit videos and stop spending so much time planning project cars. After that, well, it's kind of up to you. This is for you. We might end up fronting a lot of the videos and stuff, but we want the MAXERS of this world to have their hard work and spirit represented here rather than using it as some forum to get ourselves 'web famous'. So, over to you. If you're building something radical, plan on sorting out a proper cruise or want to send in pics of your bird in her pants then get in touch. Hopefully you get the idea!

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My Evo 6- always wanted one since I was a kid playing Grand Turismo...


Connor Reece Mold
Connor Reece Mold
Jan 11, 2020


I’m Connor, 21 from Southend-on-Sea

Here is my Corsaab B 👍

@ Connorm9125


Maimun Rahman
Maimun Rahman
Jan 01, 2020

Alright geezas, I was influenced into the world of cars and modifying by my uncle who was a Max fan back in the golden era of the early 00s. I seriously do wish I was old enough around then to experience the Max culture properly first hand but was lucky enough to get taken to a cruise at Ace Cafe with some wicked motors when I was 11. Anyhow, this is my Toyota Corolla T Sport, a very unpopular choice of hot hatch for its time as everyone one bought Clio 172/182s and EP3 Civic Type Rs. However, I personally believe there is a lot of potential with these little cars especially for modifying. This little 1.8 which revs to…


Jack Harris
Jack Harris
Dec 28, 2019

EY up geezas! Massive Max Power fan back in the day, gutted when it all ended but the scene started to go a bit wierd. Love the mid 90's - early 00's with lairy body kits and unique ideas, awesome boot builds and norks for days! Anyway, here's my toy which has a hybrid t2, stainless turbo back exhaust, samcos, alloy front mount and other fun stuff. Keep up the good work fellas 🤘

Long live the MAXERS


Mark Ryder
Mark Ryder
Dec 24, 2019

How do chaps was a big max fan back in the day and now I'm 34 and still dicking about with cars lol

Here's my Octavia vrs lowered on 19x9.5 all round veemann vfs39 wheels

Keep up the good work chaps 👌🏼👌🏼

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