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Dream Machine

Ryan Mazuryk took more than 10 years to realise his boyhood fantasy of owning a swanky Ecosse-fettled Peugeot 206. Now he's got one and life is just dreamy.

Renault Liquid Yellow wide arch Peugeot Ecosse 206
Front number plates are for wimps!

Some dreams are better than others. Did you ever have the dream as a kid where you turn up to school assembly naked? No, just me then! Well, as much as this fearsome vision clearly scarred me, at least I don't wet the bed as much as Millsy!

Anyway, Ryan's dream was much, much sweeter than mine. As a skinny 17-year-old - he may have been a chubster, we don't actually know - he lusted after something awesome and individual to stand him out from the standard car crowd. He wanted the full Esquiss-by-Ecosse treatment for his own 1.1-litre Pug 206. But, premium body kits fitted and painted by premium modding companies cost serious cash. There was work to do on achieving this dream.

Renault Liquid Yellow paint pops harder than a mapped Fiesta ST!

He's a big, handsome boy with a fatter wallet now, so when the Pug was spotted for sale in a Scottish bodyshop, a mammoth drive was made and the Ecosse 206 was purchased. Still more work to do, though. The gorgeous D:Class leather interior had to be refitted and all that lovely Kicker premium ICE fired up to bring the bass back to the kind of power it had in 2007 when the car was built. The throttle bodies also needed rebalancing, but who wouldn't want to spend some hard-earned cash on that?! Next to a tattoo of Jordan's signature on your arse, throttle bodies are THE guaranteed babe magnet! (Explains a lot about why you're single - Millsy)

D:Class interior is pure Max magic

And what a wicked Max time capsule it is. The Esquiss wide-arch kit, the Renault Liquid Yellow paint that you just never see, and the U.S.-imported TSW Holsten chrome rims take us back to the awesome wild-styled days of the modding scene back then - delivered with the class, fit and finish that Peugeot Ecosse are famous for. Remember the craze for smoothing literally everything? Well, this 206 has no visible means of entry anywhere on it's silky bodywork. it's gonna confuse the shit out of your nan when you give her a lift to the bingo!

Millsy was well keen when he heard about a double helping of 12 inches!

You might've seen Ryan's tasty Pug wowing the crowds at the Reunion Show this year, and the man himself loves a modded car show. But, then, he drops a bombshell at our MAXERS shoot. He might remod the car, changing the iconic TSW rims or upgrading the old skool Kicker ICE. Surely reworking this iconic piece of modified car history into something else would be like giving Jakki Degg a massive pair of bangers?! Borderline illegal! Whatever Ryan decides it's his dream and his vision, and we're just chuffed that he invested the time, money and effort in this gorgeous 206, because some things, like Millsy's virginity, are worth saving.



NAME: Ryan Mazuryk

AGE: 33

JOB: Plasterer

Great dream car, by the way

Thanks very much!

Did you have that dream about turning up at school assembly naked?

I did not. Are you us sure it was a dream?!

Oh shit!!!

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