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Mk2 Golf Handling Kit

Just what you need to tighten up that old Golf

Name that edition!

If you're lucky enough to still have a Mk2 Golf and you're modifying the suspension at all (it's obligatory isn't it - Dan) then you should probably give Powerflex a call.

They've whipped up a money-saving 'Handling Kit' that comes with front and inner front wishbone bushes, rear beam mountnig bush, rear lower engine mount bush and rear shock top mounting bush for a total of £210.45 plus VAT (so around £250).

Buying as a kit - cheaper than buying individually. Cunning!

These babies will outperform the OEM bushes - which are probably knackered by now right? - and will last considerably longer. Powerflex even gives you a Lifetime Warranty while you own the car.

Check out for more info.

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