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It's fair to say BILSTEIN know a bit about suspension, so these should be pretty good!

Is that EVO R damper the sweetest you've seen?

When the good people at BILSTEIN say they concentrated on "uncompromising performance, maximum durability and exceptional visual appearance" with their new EVO Performance Line coilovers, well, you're not going to question them really are you?

Coming in three flavours depending on how you use your car; EVO S for street use, EVO SE for street use too but is plug and play to connect to your car's electronic control system, and EVO R for track use, with the ability to adjust bump and rebound stages seperately to give a damper with 100 adjustment possibilities. Serious stuff.

And it might be a weird thing to say, but they look freaking awesome. Time to run cars without arches just so you can show them off?

Cunningly getting all three types in one shot. PR skills!

Pricing-wise, Bilstein reckon they'll be inline with their current stuff. So, not cheap, but certainly worth it. All applications from 2020 will be available in the EVO Performance Line, so that means it will be mainly later model cars which is probably the only upsetting part about this kit for the likes of me and Dan driving old sheds!

Head to for more info.

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