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Fresh Stuff: MAXERS Plates

What: Carbon fibre MAXERS plates Who: ABCarbon How Much?: TBC

With our cameras primed and ready to head out and start showcasing the sweetest Max'd cars in the UK, we figured we needed to honour the Max Power tradition of special numberplates to put on feature cars.

ABCarbon up in Newcastle were bang on it and knocked up these beauts. They specialise in carbon fibre overlays, turning anything you could think of into black gold. While they have numerous carbon finishes to pick from, we opted for the most classic carbon fibre style and we reckon they came out pretty nicely.

Quality cloth and epoxy resins and a durable UV protection means they should last a while, although it's fair to say we'll be giving them the biggest test they could hope for (or dread). Ideally we'd drill holes for the ultimate secure fitting, but as placement of holes isn't standard, we'll be relying on bundles of gaffer tape to stop them bouncing down the motorway.

If you fancy some carbon goodness of your own, find ABCarbon on Facebook and tell main man Alan what you need.

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