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Staff Cars: Millsy's E46 M3

The Beemer's been busy, but maybe it's time to whack it with the Maxing stick?

Eight years on from putting my name on the V5 of this M3 and I still love it as much as the day I first drove it. Actually, I love it more as it's had a few modifications since then. Nothing dramatic but certainly necessary; wider rims, carbon grille and side vents to get rid of the crappy chrome, Eibach springs and an Alpine headunit with Apple CarPlay.

It's been all over the place in that time too, including the 'Ring and an epic road trip across Europe that actually ended being a crappy drive to Germany before springing a massive oil leak and limping it home. Literally the only time it's ever let me down. Typical.

More recently it's been putting up with Dan moving the passenger seat as close to the rear window as possible to accommodate his lankiness as we've driven around the country catching up with old Maxing mates. I'd say it's performed admirably, but just recently it threw up a fault which looks like a crank position sensor. I'll get this looked at and a service while it's there, but I reckon it's time to step up the modifying a bit.

Rare moment of cleanliness

Mild or Wild?

The obvious choice for modifying is the CSL route. Classy and stuff, but pretty much everyone goes that direction. So how do you do something a bit different yet keep the awesome driving ability of the M3?

When you have to go the long way home because speedbumps

I keep looking at the picture above and getting a bit of a semi, although I'm not convinced on the spoiler. Still, that kit in silver could look hard as f**k. The only thing that concerns me is catching the front and sides on my sloping driveway. Is air suspension such a terrible thing?

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