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Ultimate Dubs UK 2020

Spoiler alert: There was a sweet E30 M3, too :)

Modified BMW E30 M3 on air suspension
Stealing the show like a buxom blonde at a fat chick's wedding!

What better image to open this Ultimate Dubs 2020 MAXERS show report with than a stunning E30 M3. Sorry, not sorry!

Let's kick off the 2020 modded motors show season, shall we.

Purple MK1 VW Golf GTi modified with carbon fibre
Millsy's car of the show. Super clean MK1 with liberal touches of gorgeous carbon

UD 2020 was mostly VWs, and to combat that mean ass M3 above, here's Millsy's car of the show. Pretty much the perfect MK1 Golf GTI, with the right old skool touches of classic-colour paint and BBS rims. But, look closer (if you can get passed Millsy's boner!) and you'll see shining carbon everywhere. Right down to the bumper end caps.

Modified baby blue MK1 VW Golf GTI 4-door
Where's the rest of your poo-brown jacket, mate?!

Another Dub feeling the love at the Telford International Centre was this baby-blue babe of a MK1. Wild? No. Classy? Yes. The complete opposite of Millsy's missus!

Black MK4 VW Golf R32 modified
The only time when fat is good!

You wouldn't want to meet this fat, black MK4 R32 down a dark alley , if indeed it could squeeze down one. Wheels to die for, Lambo brakes and all the stance.

Andy Mills from dicking around
Blind Millsy thinks he's pulled!

So, this pic kind of illustrates the level of overall show shenanigans at UD 2020. It's not a huge complaint and perhaps this isn't the show you'd go to looking for a wild time, but the atmos could've been a little richer.

Still, looks pretty frickin' cool in this here MAXERS video!

On with the pics...

Modified MK5 VW Golf on crazy wheels
Tucked up like a kipper at bed time

Wheels 'n' tuck might sound like a DJ double act, but it could well be the key to the VAG scene, as this pic beautifully illustrates. It's a killer look for sure.

Driftworks Porsche 911
Not the fat Porker Millsy was hoping for!

This fat 'n' famous Porsche needs no intro. It's impossible not to take a sexy shot of the Driftworks Promodet 911, and it was great to see it in the sumptuous metal.

Modified red Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
Someone bought a gun to a knife fight!

Wrapping up our MAXERS UD 2020 show report is the Mod Nats R34 Skyline. VAG it ain't - badass it is.

Ultimate Dubs generously and wisely opens its doors to all makes and models of modified metal, and for that reason it's a sweet show for any Maxer.

Full picture gallery of goodness below. Enjoy!

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