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Hardcore Honda Heaven at R2 Automotive

Fast & Furious Hondas takeover Tilbury!

Custom blue K24 Ep3 Honda Civic Type R
Any excuse for Dan to get a pic of his car on the website!

It was like a Fast & Furious movie scene, but with extra (Thai) spice, down at R2 Automotive in Tilbury last weekend. Fast-tuned for road and track Hondas everywhere, wrapped up in the sweet smell of high-octane fuel and tasty Thai grub. This is what a hardcore Honda heaven looks like.

The R2 crew are putting the finishing touches to my K24 EP3 so she was in the workshop looking super shiny, while the entire car park out front was filled with rows and rows of Jap power, most of it singing that awesome K20 tune like Josh's minty DC5.

A delicious Jap fest indeed with a vibe that welcomed all makes and models, with even a pink E46 M3 sneaking in and joining the highly polished party. Big shout out to all the friendly faces we met, the DJ and his top tunes, and the chefs who helped me get a sweat on with their spicy Thai delights. There was even Corona beer on tap at the mobile bar. Dom and Brian would've been proud :)

Tuned Honda Civic FK2 in red
R2's Russell posing with Ray's saucy FK. Time to relax and hang out with the Honda fam

Whilst the hot Hondas definitely ruled the roost on the day, I couldn't press publish on this post without some pics of this beasty EVO. Flip painted, double chunky, and thunderously loud - let's hope it doesn't eat the children!

I also need to shout out Jake for all his polishing and stickering help with my motor on the day. Here's a pic of his road-and-track EP3 that, while it get regularly punished, also scrubs up an absolute treat. Cheers, mate.

Cosmic grey Honda EP3 Civic Type R
Jake's EP3 is surely too tidy to go racing? Think again!

White Honda Integra DC5
DC5s make you happy!

Dan's fly was undone!

All the pics below, right after this video treat :)

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