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SlammedUK X Refined Coffee Morning

A nice big modded car show with stacks of cool cars. Just what we needed!

Purple modified Nissan R32 GTR Skyline on air
Bangin' R32 GTR caused major arousal!

Us MAXERS boys met plenty of lovely modded car fans at the SlammedUK X Refined Coffee Morning at the weekend, and everyone said the same thing as they smiled - it's so good to be at a big car show again!

Sunday's sun shone brightly on a large car park full of - but not bursting, which gave the cars (and people) plenty of room to breathe - sweet modified cars from all walks of modding life.

Millsy and I nabbed his dad's - cheers, Mr. Millsy! - super nice R32 GTR to nip down to the show in Chelmsford, Essex, and after a tenner to take the Skyline in - free for walk-ins - we picked a spot and parked up with the other show cars.

In one corner there was a DJ and (a very tasty!) burger bar, and from there, that eclectic (eh?! - Millsy) mix of Max cars spread out like a shining sea of polished happiness. It's good to be back!

Where to start with some highlight cars? Geez, so much choice - old and new, from the sublime to the wild. Let's ease in nicely with James Barrett's Urban Green, static E46 M3 as featured on MAXERS right here.

Urban Green BMW E46 M3 modified on air
Millsy will be parking his modded M3 next to this one quite soon. He'll probably have a woody!

Next up we better take a closer look at the phat '32 from the top of this page. Having owned a 32 GTR and a 32 GTS-t, this purple, throbbing monster caught my eye quicker than a first stone chip in a fresh bumper.

Wide, low, drenched in carbon, and, oh man, that paint. This deep purple would look ace on my (wide?) K24 Civic!

This Escort got a lot of love all day. Creativity always stands out.

And this is the sublime I was talking about earlier. E30 done so right. Did we hear that BBS wheels had closed down? So sad if true. Check out the BBS stunners here.

Here's the wild! Adam Crispin's (adzr35 on Insta) R35 GTR, as painted by Kode Performance. All the wide, carbon fibre and killer paint you could want for your '35. Plus 660bhp on tap.

Right! Fancy a video? Of course you do. As shot and edited by the legend that is Max Power Millsy. With me as the star! (eh?! - Millsy)

Who's up for some topless twins action?! Down, Millsy!!

E36 and E46 decked n wide stunners for your pleasure.

Tons more pics in the slider below. Top day out all told. Great mix of modded cars, plenty of space and totally chilled, peppered by various big horsepower engines bouncing off their limiters - while still parked up - now and then.

Good times and hi to all our new chums that came and said hello. Big up the MAXERS pose!

Oh, and just to put Millsy's dad out of his misery. Of course we didn't razz his lovely GTR... until the engine was nice and warm! ;)