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SlammedUK Coffee Morning

A coffee morning with modded cars? We'll bring the beers!

Modified black Mazda RX7
Prettier than Millsy's pulling pants - a silky smooth RX!

The crew at SlammedUK have played a bit of a blinder in these sketchy times. Find an out of town car park with plenty of space for modded cars and interested punters. Add a DJ, hot coffee, an ice cream truck and some decent weather and we can all have a lovely time. Down in Colchester, Essex, up the road from us, and of course the MAXERS boys were gonna head over. Millsy was driving the pink BM, so I might as well have a beer or two, right?!

A nice mix of modded motors, some cute pooches - (do NOT insert joke about Millsy's missus here!) - and the distinctly good vibes made it feel like life was coming back to the car show goodness we all fondly remember. Check out our little video below, and then it's on to the pics :)

Millsy and James parked their M3s side by side and I must say they looked awesome. There was also a squad of old skool BMs with some wicked creative touches (and a classic jazz mag on the parcel shelf!), plus the sweetly smooth RX in our main pic which totally reignited my lust for one. God willing, at the next SlammedUK meet I'll be showing off my fresh K24 Civic (fingers crossed emoji!).

The M3s...

Beemer squad...

That RX7...

The best of the rest. Enjoy!

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