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R2 Automotive BBQ Bash!

Hot cars and hot dogs. Good times with the R2 Crew :)

Modified black Spoon Honda S2000
R2's Spoon S2000 is as rapid as it is scary-looking! Bossman Rich rips this beast around town

We all love a sausage. Indeed, Millsy can swallow a 12-inch one with ease!

At the R2 Automotive BBQ bash at the weekend we were treated to tasty grub, cold beers and hot cars. Literally a dream combination for us Maxers.

Whilst R2 are well known for their Honda expertise, they build and tune most makes and models, and all comers were welcome for this friendly open day at their HQ in Tilbury, Essex. We popped down in Millsy's freshly pinked-out M3, which, much to my disappointment, went down really well with the punters at the show.

Here's a cheeky video for your viewing pleasure. (I may have had a few beers!)

First up, let's take a closer look at the R2 Crew cars - all mighty modded Hondas.

Modified white Honda Integra DC5 with wide arches
Other bossman Russell's wide arch DC5. Stacked with top-spec Japanese tuning parts and regularly razzed. Just the way they should be!

Next up it's manager Dave's FD2 with its rare Seeker wide front end, and the kind of Spoon, Cusco and Enkei spec that'll leave you light in the head and heavy in the pants!

Modified Black Honda Civic FD2 with Seeker front
Took this shot of Dave's car darn Sarfend seafront. Looks like pure VTEC evil at night!

Now, we absolutely have to give this sooo slick E30 some love. Custom smoothed everywhere by the owner and his mate, with a 4-litre V8 engine swap, billet rims, full leather interior and Ferrari red paint. This car went down a storm with the punters at the show and with its phantom front and rear ends and LED lights gave off some very cool Miami Vice vibes.

We'd better give Millsy's M3 some love too, as, at MAXERS, we're trying to attract a bigger female audience!

Modified pink BMW E46 M3
Mincing around in Millsy's BM ;)

As Millsy was driving I enjoyed some beers, before destroying the BBQ very kindly laid on by the R2 family. Cheers, guys!

Russ cooking up a storm. Well, chicken!

All in all, a top day out. I'll be seeing plenty of the R2 guys in the coming weeks - lucky them! - as they are going full build on my Civic. More of that later.

We're off to Brands Hatch for a track day with the guys and their modded Hondas next. It's gonna be brap-tastic! I hope they bring the BBQ!

Plenty more pics of modified goodness in the slider below. Just click those arrows to scroll :)

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