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Modified Nationals 2021

Mods Nats is back and with added Max flavour!

Max Power magazine Project Slam
Max Power magazine's Project Slam: They don't make 'em like they used to!

Mod Nats has been around for almost as long as Millsy's virginity, and, like a spicy Jordan and Jakki sandwich, it never disappoints! So, of course the MAXERS crew were going to head down, making a big-bhp-beeline for the Max Power feature cars hall, a fresh feature for the 2021 edition.

Back in our old Max Power magazine stomping ground of Peterborough - or Paedoborough, as we used to affectionately call it (That may have just been you, Dan - Millsy) - at the showground, it's a decent venue with a mix of inside space and grass, and plenty of bars (although it took me frickin ages to find one. #Livid)

Inside was the aforementioned Max Power area - with some belting cars in it - plus another, bigger hall with the (other) cream of the modded metal in it. Outside and on the grass were tons of traders and car club stands. So much to see and do - total hats off to the organisers.

Ever generous as we are, us MAXERS boys were giving out awards. Little custom rubber ducks to show that we give a fcuk (We never were that hot on spelling! - Millsy)! We dished out three of these limited edition - as modified by MAXERS Millsy - little yellow fellas to the following lucky devils:

1. The MAXERS Spirit Award - surely no-one is more passionate about building it and showing it than @THERICEDOUTCIVIC2019 with the father and son team smashing the shows in their horror movie-inspired, super wild turbo Civic. Extra big up points for representing the MAXERS logo on their shirts and graphics. Totes legends!

2. Services to Maxing Award - Project Slam was probably the wildest official Max Power magazine project car ever, but for years it was lost. Now it's back and looking fit thanks to @WORKSHOP_504 - it went down an absolute storm at the show. We love these guys for saving it!

3. 'Sweet as Duck' Car Club - Car clubs are the lifeblood of the modified car scene so we had to make sure there was a MAXERS duck with a club's name on it. We obviously tried to get around them all and special mentions to the Modified Van Owners Club and Superior Rides for the awesome cars/vans on display, and Cruise Herts (we think it was) who dressed up as crayons! Also, Ditchfinders... just for the excellent name. But, while they weren't really that outcast and there were zero pandas to be seen, the @OUTKASTPANDACREW were worthy winners. A cracking mix of modded metal and friendlier than Millsy's mums after a few pints, we could only mark them down slightly for being Northern!

Millsy's Top 3 Show Cars:

Dan's Top 3 Show Cars:

Strangely that's four Fords in our top six. Guess you can't beat a bit of old school. Fair to say though, we could have listed a top twenty each with no problem at all. If you want to see more of the action from Modified Nationals then check out the videos below. This one is all the inside action:

And this one is a look at what was going on outside:

So many cool cars and great people... it's starting to feel like the old days again. Pink or... what now?

Want some more? Ok, here are some pics too:

No such thing as a bad looking S15 according to Dan. Fair point!
Heroic Focus ST (makes more sense if you see the engine bay)
Overnight parts delivered by FkdUp...possibly
Meguiars Renault 5
It's behind you!
"So, yeah, my suspension's collapsed. Any chance of a lift home?"
Good job you can't see what Millsy's doing with his hands!
EK Civic slammed
Scraped/drove all the way from Scotland
Rubystone M3 MAXERS
Who put this picture here?!
Focus RS modified
We've squinted for hours... still can't figure out the numberplate!
zombie mercedes
Zombies. Ugly and angry, but know how to build a mean NASCAR powered Merc
About four crayons short of a pack!
Modified Astra VXR Arden Blue
As traffic jams go...
"Look, it's a sensible 5-door car" ... one year later. How it should be!
Wide Impreza
"Do these arches make my bum look big?"
Bringing undercar lighting back!
Owner away totting up how much money his Supra's worth now
Could be wider!
Civic Type-R modified
If ever a car needs styling mods, the FN2 Type R is surely it!
Subaru Impreza
Owen practices his 'motorway stare' for the drive back to South Wales
RX-7s were out in force
BMW 5 series modified
After 15 mins it would swap round to get a tan on the other side
R33 Skyline
Lee's Killa Zilla. Used to work on Max Power selling ads and still representing!
Mazda MX-5
Wouldn't. Change. A. Thing
Handy to have a engine bay ash tray too!
Ecosse 206
Ryan's 206 still standing the tests of time
Golf and half a Golf trailer
Now that's a car and a half!
EM2 Civic coupe facelift
Spot the camo car etc etc. Can defo see the epic rims though!
R35 GT-R
Adam's R35 picked up the Ultimate Exterior award. Bodywork by Kode
When you just need to vent...
Literally no idea why Dan took this picture
Smooth mk5 Fiesta
No matter how hard they tried, they just couldn't find the bumpstrips or door handles
Veilside Fortune RX7
Fast and Furious 10 was looking better already
"Nah, reckon we could defo get a baby seat in the back of something like this!"
Snakeskin Saxo
Skate dude's other nose was on his chin!
We'll give you a clue. It's not an engine for Ford purists!
370Z convertible
Carbon wings, airbrushed, wrapped? We're still confused
AMG powered Mustang
C63 AMG engine in a fastback Mustang. Sure, why not!

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