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It's Showtime...Almost

The smell of polish, the bleary eyes of car owners who were up all night finishing their builds, the taste of Red Bull. You just can't beat a good show!

From Doncaster to SEMA, from Max Live to Magnys Cours, there aren't many shows the MAXERS boys haven't been to. Cruises were always great for the action and to see the local legendary cars, but shows were usually where a country's top Max'd motors were unveiled.

Back in the early to mid-noughties Max Power Live was arguably the definitive car show. Taking over the N.E.C in Birmingham for a weekend of heavy bass, half naked models, boozy nights out and, most importantly, the unveiling of many of the freshest modified cars in the country, it was an experience to remember.

Back in the 00s and Millsy seeing an RST out of the Max Power Live outside area. Possibly hiding a boner!
Dan's old S14 always managed to draw the crowds

The internet may mean unveiling a car at a show is a little more tricky now (it's tough to resist teasing people with build shots on Instagram isn't it!) but that doesn't stop a few surprises popping up.

So we'll be heading to as many of them as possible, searching out feature cars, trying to stop Dan from fingering promo models and having a laugh with our Maxing mates. Hopefully MAXERS will also be at a handful with a stand so we can get the bass pumping, show off some extreme cars and hopefully hook you guys up with some MAXERS stickers! See you there.

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