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Essex Allsorts - The Sequel

Back down to the Dick Turpin pub for a cheeky meet ;)

Modified blue Vauxhall Astra with Brembo brakes
Smart phones. Great for porn!

Big car shows are in short supply at the moment, so smaller clubs making smaller meets are a weekend blessing for us all. This is our second Essex Allsorts meet in as many months. Just down the road from MAXERS HQ and always some tidy Max motors to enjoy.

For this visit, Millsy and I embraced technology and made a video. Check it out below, it's got my K24 Civic in it and we give it a bit of a pasting!

Of course, cool pics of hot cars are what we love, so I snapped a few and here are some highlights.

First up, Millsy's fave from the show, a proper naughty Evo V. Track-ready and about as brutal as a Southend street fight.

Next up this Escort caught my eye. Gorgeous Schmidt TH Line rims - that I had on my S14 - and an RST motor up front. Premiere League sleeper.

Never forget your (Honda) fwends, folks. So, here are some shots of my K24 EP3 Type R and Tony's and James' lovely turbo'd old skoolers. Honda power FTMFW!

We had to scoot fairly early - Millsy's missus was making Pot Noddle for his lunch - but even in a short time we saw some tasty motors and friendly people. Plenty more pics in the slider below. See you around, chums :)

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