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Essex Allsorts Meet

Cool modded cars coming out of lockdown :)

Lime green modified Nissan 370z with carbonfibre parts
Low 'n' lairy 370z pops hard!

You don't get much more 'Essex' than a car meet at the Dick Turpin pub, down the A127. And that's a good thing. Essex is a modifying heartland - that's why me and Max Power Millsy were born there! - so we were keen as mustard to check out the Essex Allsorts meet at the weekend.

The MAXERS boys took our BMs and getting there a little after the 1pm kickoff meant we had to park round the back as the car park was already packed, with, as the club name neatly suggests, all sorts of sweet modded cars.

The vibe was friendly and relaxed, with everyone seemingly chuffed to see their car pals again after several months of polishing their pride and joy on their driveways but missing out on the cool meet action - almost as much as Millsy misses his hot meat action ;)

Plenty to look at and I've picked out a couple of faves for galleries. First up is this popping lime green (or is it yellow?!) Nissan 370z. Decked on air, the pulsing paint wrapped around tasty carbon and black bodywork details. Very cool and the punters loved it.

Also drawing attention like a pub on July 4th was this Ford Orion. Modded with a strong motorsport vibe; big Brembo brakes, Compomotive rims and a Duratec turbo engine swap breathing though a seriously big bore exhaust. You just don't see Orions these days, and never one as sweetly Maxed as this. Top work.

Chatted to a bunch of Maxers while we were there and everyone was friendly and happy to be back doing something they love. Alexis the organiser tells us that there are more events in the pipeline, so hit up his Facebook page - everyone and any car welcome - if you're an Essex boy or girl, and we'll see you at the next one.

Plenty more pics to enjoy in the galleries below, but before that I'll just post a shot of this tidy S15 - cos I love 'em!

It's great to be out and about again, and judging by the sparkling presentation of the cars and smiling faces at the Essex Allsorts meet, so are you guys :)

Modified white Nissan S15
Hands up who wishes they bought one of these before they got super expensive!

Hold up, I nearly forgot this stunning black Cossie! Beautifully presented and covered in carbon. Essex is the place if you like your fast Fords and there were plenty about today.

Great meet - enjoy the rest of the pics - just click the right arrow to scroll across them...

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