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Car Shows Are Back!

Covid misery makes way for modded metal. Good times!

Modified blue Nissan 350Z on air suspension
Hello fatty! x

Like a late night with Millsy and his 'special friend' Sebastian, things have been a bit sucky recently. But not anymore chums, 'cos car shows are back!

North Weald airfield - home of Players and the like - hosted a cheeky little car meet at the weekend and it was mucho enjoyable.

MAXERS Millsy couldn't make it - something dull about looking after his beloved daughter or something - so it was just MAXERS Dan, his Fuji XT3 and a nice bunch of car-loving boys and girls basking in the warmth of the Essex spring sunshine. Man, it felt good to get me a burger van burger and some sunburn!

Here are some pics from the day. Big shout out to GTR Rick for the invite, EVO Martin for the herbal medicine, and all the other super-sound car nuts I met on the day. We even had a back lane blat on the way over in a convoy stylee! Sweet.

Two very different, but very sweet, Ford Cossies...

Cossies always go down a treat, and there were a couple of stand-outs at the show.

Jason & Tash's time warp minty Saph 2WD, and Shane's awesome YB-converted estate. I made them postpone their Sunday lunch for a few extra pics and, I think you'll agree, what a killer two-car Cossie garage these stunners would make.

Jason's owned his Saph for about 15 years and has kept it factory fresh. The Compomotive rims are an outstanding choice, and she's running a reliable 350bhp. Probably worth more than my flat these days!

Shane's Sierra - now with an added 425bhp of YB goodness - was a long-term, big project that started life as a standard estate.

Now she's got plenty of grunt - he forgot he had his caravan on the back one time and overtook another car at 135mph!! - plus all the sexy Cossie extras you see here. Full body kit, interior, 80s car phone(!!) and monster AP brakes. What a car. It's had more cover features than Jordan's jugs and rightly so!

And check out the number plates! Both bang on point for old skool Cossies. All I'd add is a 'suck my big bore' slogan under the lettering!

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