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6TWO1 Speedstore Sunday Meet

Stacks of sweet Max motors, a burger van and plenty of hooning. MAXERS heaven!

2020 Toyota Supra
New Supra drew a crowd. Shame they weren't looking at it!

The 6TWO1 Speedstore guys know how to drum up a crowd of Maxers for a Sunday lunchtime bash. Beats chewing on your nan's old sprouts, that's for sure!

Honda Civic EG
Sweet Civic. One of plenty

Billed as a Civic meet, there were plenty of Honda hot hatch legends - with an angry army of EP3 Type-Rs - but also stacks of other manufacturers that would always feature in a Maxer's dream garage.

VW Golf MK2
They were queuing up to get their knives sharpened!

Hiding at the back and being naughty was this sleeper Golf MK2. The boys in the pic were on the hunt for their next street racing victim, confident of victory thanks to the 400bhp, turbo'd VR6 lump under the hood.

E46 BMW M3
One for Millsy. He wishes his brakes were this big!

Millsy's a bit of a talker and the owner of this sweet M3 got his ear chewed right off. Big brakes behind CSL wheels provoked a chubby, even on this chilly day.

Some blokes
The birds weren't up to much. But at least they were dirty!

The cars were cool and the locals friendly. Many of them weren't so friendly to their tyres on the way home, mind. Check out our video of the action!

On with the pics...

Pink or brown? (Brown, obvs!)

The 6TWO1 guys tell us that the meet should take place every couple of months. As it's down the road from the MAXERS HQ we'll defo be there. Come down and talk to Millsy.

Mitsubishi EVO 7 and Audi R8
R8 sniffs EVO's butt. Standard.

Of course the odd supercar turned up but we won't hold that against them ;)

Nissan Micra
Old lady's are way cool in Essex!

This lil Micra's had a JDM fettle. Cheeky fender flares over Minilite-type rims. Neat.

Honda Civic Type-R EP3

Rounding off my report is this seriously slick EP3. There were many EP3s at the event, but this white street warrior caught the eye. A long list of mods that all add up to a car I'd love to drive.

A great way to spend a Sunday, showing that Max motors are more than happy to go for a rip even when it's nippy out. Have a flick (of the bean?) through the gallery below.

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