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2020 Show Calendar

Eventually we'll be able to get back out there, so time to get planning

Ok, so 2020 isn't going so well at the moment. Coronavirus has hit the world in an unprecedented way and for now we're all aiming to do our bit by staying at home. Which is kind of boring unless you've got a well-stocked garage and a project car to get stuck into.

And that's why we thought we'd try to get the lowdown on which shows are still happening so we can get busy filling our weekends when this is all over.

With the help of show legend Andy Smith (the builder of the multi-awared-winning Almera from back in the day and Autoglym poster-boy) we've compiled a reasonably extensive list. There may be a few too many Kent-based of air-cooled VW shows below, mainly due to Andy living in Kent and having a camper van too, but don't let that put you off.

He's given some 'inside info' on a few of the events, but we've also added a few of our own thoughts too. Hopefully see you all at some of these later in the year!


What: Festival of Power

When: 10th April - POSTPONED (new date TBC)

Where: Santa Pod

What: Car Audio Security Open Weekend

When: 25th-26th April - POSTPONED (new date TBC)

Where: Car Audio Security, Hayes, Middlesex


What: BHP Performance Show

When: 2nd-3rd May - CHECK CLOSER TO TIME

Where: Lydden Hill Race Circuit

What: Japfest

When: 3rd May - POSTPONED (new date TBC)

Where: Silverstone

What: Motors by the Moat

When: 9th May - POSTPONED UNTIL 2021

Where: Leeds Castle, Kent

What: Modified Live

When: 10th May - POSTPONED (new date TBC)

Where: Cadwell Park

MAXERS: We'll be keeping an eye on when this is rescheduled. With Time Attack happening around the track it's worth the trip just to see big bhp motors get air coming up The Mountain.

What: Fiesta in the Park

When: 10th May - CANCELLED

Where: Huntingdon

What: Big Bang VW Festival

When: 15th May - POSTPONED (new date TBC)

Where: Santa Pod

What: Supercar Fest The Runway

When: 24th May - POSTPONED UNTIL 2021

Where: Sywell Aerodrome

What: Modified Nationals

When: 29th-31st May - MOVED TO 14th-16th AUGUST

Where: Peterborough Arena

MAXERS: When the guy running it rocks a sweet R34 Skyline and has DJ Richie Don as a son-in-law then you know it's going to have some old school Max Power vibes. We're looking forward to this!

What: Early Edition

When: 31st May

Where: Sywell Aerodrome, Northants


What: FittedUK

When: 7th June - POSTPONED UNTIL 25th JULY 2021

Where: Stretford, Manchester

What: JapShow

When: 6th-7th June

Where: Santa Pod

MAXERS: Always looked forward to this show back in the Max Power days. Serious Jap motors rippin' and snortin' up the famous strip. We'll defo be there - virus misery permitting.

What: Cumbria VAG

When: 13th-14th June

Where: Westmorland Showground, Cumbria

What: BMW Show

When: 14th June

Where: Santa Pod

MAXERS: We've both got Beemers... we should probably go to this!

What: BHP Fuel Fest

When: 14th June

Where: Westpoint, Exeter

What: Tunerfest South

When: 14th June - POSTPONED (new date TBC)

Where: Brands Hatch

What: Players Classic

When: 19th-21st June

Where: Goodwood

What: Retro Show

When: 21st June

Where: Santa Pod

What: Fast Show Reloaded

When: 26th-27th June

Where: Santa Pod

What: Quex Park VW Show

When: 26th-28th June

Where: Kent

Inside info: Chilled out family camping, camper and air-cooled show in the South East.

What: Broke Boys at the Farm

When: 28th June

Where: Napton Holt Farm Campsite, Southam


What: Ford Show

When: 4th-5th July

Where: Santa Pod

Inside info: The Blue Oval takes over Santa Pod Raceway.

What: Gravity Show

When: 5th July

Where: Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

What: Goodwood Festival of Speed

When: 9th-12th July - POSTPONED (new date TBC)

Where: Goodwood

Inside info: Biggest physical car show on the UK Calendar. A televised event where you can meet your petrolhead hero’s, see the red arrows display and watch legends of motorsport on the various tracks in the grounds of Lord March’s home.

What: Tunerfest North

When: 11th July

Where: Oulton Park

What: Dubfiction

When: 12th July

Where: Pikehall

What: London Cartel International Auto Show

When: 12th July

Where: Crystal Palace Park, London

What: Retrorides

When: 16th-17th July

Where: Goodwood

What: AutoFest

When: 10th-12th July

Where: East of England Arena, Peterborough

What: JapFest

When: 18th July

Where: Donnington

What: Stance Fever - The Show

When: 19th July - POSTPONED UNTIL 2021

Where: Braintree, Essex

What: WaxStock

When: 19th July

Where: Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Inside info: Europe’s largest detailing event which continues to grow from strength to strength. Hosts an outside show n’ shine competition for those arriving on the day

MAXERS: A show all about cleaning your car! Sounds dull as f*ck. Unless someone there cleans our cars for us, in which case we'll see you there!

What: Bug Jam

When: 24th-26th July

Where: Santa Pod

Inside info: One of the longest running events on the calendar. Started in 1987 and continues to be the number one event for air-cooled, campers and all things VW.

What: Kulturschock

When: 26th July

Where: Gateshead International Stadium

What: Silverstone Classic

When: 31st July - 2nd August

Where: Silverstone

Inside info: Huge event open to pre-90’s cars held at the home of UK motorsport, Silverstone Circuit.


What: Festival of Wheels Day

When: 1st August

Where: Trinity Park, Ipswich

What: BHP Race Wars

When: 2nd August

Where: Perranporth

What: Ultimate Street Car (USC)

When: 7th-9th August

Where: Santa Pod

Inside info: Legendary Ultimate Street Car event with a rave/festival feel in the evening

MAXERS: Should probably book the week off work after this one to recover.

What: Ford Fair

When: 9th August

Where: Silverstone

MAXERS: Cosworth and RS overload. Always impressive how own make of car can fill so much space with enthusiasts.

What: The Ultimate Show

When: 15th August

Where: Exhibition Centre, Liverpool

What: JAE

When: 15th-16th August

Where: Royal Norfolk Showground

Inside info: Relaxed Japanese only event in Norfolk which for the first time switches to an all car event on the Sunday.

What: Tunerfest Midlands

When: 16th August

Where: Donington Park

What: Norfolk Auto Extravaganza (NAE)

When: 16th August

Where: Royal Norfolk Showground

Inside info: First time event open to all vehicles on the Sunday.

What: Japanese Performance Show

When: 16th August

Where: Stoneleigh, NAEC

What: Das Auto Show

When: 16th August

Where: Santa Pod

Inside info: The UK’s first all-encompassing German Car Show complete with dragstrip.

What: Volksweald

When: 21st-23rd August

Where: Penshurst Place, Kent

Inside info: Chilled out family camping, Camper and air-cooled show in the scenic grounds of Penshurst Place.

What: Automotive Lifestyle Show

When: 23rd August

Where: The Sharnbrook, Bedford

What: Edition 38 #20

When: 29th August

Where: Overstone Park, Northampton

MAXERS: Always liked the chilled vibe of this one. If the sun's out it's basically like a picnic surrounded by very clean VWs.

What: Cruise Culture

When: 30th August

Where: Swansea

What: Supercar Fest - The Hill

When: 30th August

Where: Worcestershire


What: Wheels Day

When: 5th September

Where: Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot

Inside info: New date from April’s postponement.

What: Fitment Junkies

When: 6th September

Where: Bruntingthorpe

What: Goodwood Revival

When: 11th-13th September

Where: Goodwood

Inside info: A chance to relive the classic era of racing with numerous stars racing millions of pounds of classic race cars. Dress pre-60’s to fit in with the theme.

What: CleanFest

When: 12th-13th September

Where: Edinburgh

What: Festival of Fuel

When: 11th-13th September

Where: Towerfields Sports Ground, Northants

What: Go Japan

When: 13th September

Where: Brands Hatch

MAXERS: This is a new one but we've been promised some pretty special things. And it's been officially recognised as some part of celebration of Japanese culture. Which is, weird, but somehow most honourable too.

What: Players Show

When: 13th September

Where: North Weald Airfield, Essex

MAXERS: Well, that's a dilemma. Same day as Go Japan show. We were at the first ever Players Show and it certainly broke the mold a bit. What to do?!

What: VW Stonor Park

When: 20th September

Where: Henley-on-Thames

What: OhSoRetro

When: 27th September

Where: Margate, Kent

Inside info: Pre-90’s car show in the South East. Getting bigger every year – though last years weather was one to forget.


What: Volksworld

When: 3rd-4th October

Where: Sandown Racecourse

Inside info: new date after postponement in March.

What: JapShow Finale

When: 4th October

Where: Santa Pod

Inside info: Jap season finale held at Santa Pod – your last chance before Christmas to light up the tyres on the strip.

What: TRAX

When: 4th October

Where: Silverstone

Inside info: If ever there was a car club car show this would be the one. A huge car show for all vehicles, shed loads of car clubs on display and one of the few you can race around the legendary F1 circuit in your own motor!

MAXERS: If you love modified cars but aren't all anal about one make or country of origin, this is for you. Doubt any country in the world could get such an ecclectic mix of awesome cars together in one place.

What: Vee-Power Sunday

When: 4th October

Where: Goodwood

What: Modified Live

When: 11th October

Where: Snetterton

What: ExtremeBHP Annual Illuminations Convoy

When: 18th October

Where: Blackpool

MAXERS: We have no idea what this is about, but a convoy sounds cool... and Blackpool had some pretty legendary cruises once upon a time!

What: 100% Tuning

When: 23rd October

Where: Ahoy, Netherlands

Inside info: One of the few on-going Euro car shows, well worth a visit to see what the rest of Europe is modifying. Various car clubs arrange large convoys making for a great run to the infamous flat roads of Holland.


What: Ultimate Stance

When: 1st November

Where: Telford International Centre

What: SEMA

When: 3rd-7th November

Where: Las Vegas

MAXERS: OK, so this is a 'trade only' show and it's freaking miles away so a lot of you probably won't go. But it remains one of the best ways to spend four days of your life. Period (as they say over there!).

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