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Where Are They Now?

What's happened to some of the Max Power era's most famous cars? Unfortunately, not many nice things!

One of the things that we want to do with MAXERS is celebrate our Max Power heritage. And what better way to do that than to track down some of the old feature cars and go revisit them with a camera and video. After all, we never filmed those cars enough anyway.

We've already been on digging deep and have found a bunch of them... but the news hasn't always been good. Let's start with some positives.

Abflug Supra (in picture above)

When we shot this trio of Supras in Japan in early 2005 it was a truly spectacular sight. Wide, highly modified and bright; seeing these three examples of the iconic Mk4 Supra cruise away in unison towards the towering metropolis of Tokyo was the stuff of Maxing dreams.

And it turns out the blue Abflug widebody Supra is alive and kicking and looking better than ever. The above picture was from a meet earlier this year.

Sunline Racing Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

Another car we featured in Japan, the Sunline Racing carbon fibre R34 GT-R. The rumour at the time was it was owned by an English guy who was a teacher out there, but what's not a rumour is that you could be the owner of it now.

Jap import specialists, Harlow Jap Imports, have it in stock in the UK awaiting a new owner. Just check out how awesome it looks without graphics. So shiny!

R-TEC Honda Civic Type R

It hit the Max Power cover in 2004 and was one of the cars of the era. But Jason Ripp's creation has clearly had a tough time. The pictures of it with lots of parts missing were recently taken and it seems the current owner might not be keen on the work needed to get it back to its former glory. If you're interested then let us know and we'll try to hook you up, 'cos we hate seeing Max Power history rot away!

Carisma's TVR

When Jamie Shaw of Carisma fame unleashed this incredible TVR Cerbera the jaws that dropped to the ground caused a tsunami. We'd not seen a Max'd TVR before, yet alone one done to such extremes. Obviously it went straight on Max Power's cover and featured on our DVD at that time, even pulling some cheeky donuts during the shoot in Colchester, Essex.

Fortunately it's still around. Unfortunately a lot has changed for the worse; different colour, wrong spoiler, wrong wheels and wrong seats as far as we can see. But, fortunately again, you could also be the person to revive its fortunes as some guy up in Scotland is trying to get rid. And the £13,500 price tag seems like a bargain to us for such an iconic piece of Maxing history. Have a look at the ad on eBay if you fancy becoming an instant legend;

More to come...

This is just a few we've uncovered and we're definitely keen to keep tabs on what happens to them next. But we've found some more, which we'll report on soon... including a very special Max Power project car.

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